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It does not matter how wonderful your gaming device is, if you don’t pair it with the right gaming power supply, you may not achieve the desired result you deserve in terms of speed and functionality. The power supply is often 1 component that is frequently overlooked by many when they choose accessories for their gaming system, but without a good quality power supply, there is no way your gaming computer can run. The superiority of the PSU you choose right now will determine how well other components run; for instance, if you choose a low/end power provide, then you wouldn’t be able to use a high end video card.

#1 The LEPA G-Series 1600W 80PLUS Gold Full Modular PSU

This is one of the best power supplies you should consider, especially when looking for PSUs in the 1000W+ power range. This power supply is a Tier 2 P-S-U and provides 1600Watt of continuous control that can peak at 1700Watts; therefore, it is great value for the money. The PSU is 80Plus Gold/certified and comes with a 135mm ball/bearing feature that keeps the device extra cool during heavy usages. The device also deploys highly durable capacitors that provide even more stability, along with 12V rails that support maximum loads of gaming.

This PSU is rated as one of the best in the world right now because it supports the most powerful gaming environment. It comes with fully modular designs that excellently support cable management. This device can support 4-way GPU even in SLI or Cross/FireX-Configuration. If you need to run dual server/CPU’s right on a server motherboard alongside your four video cards, then this is the right gaming power supply you must consider. This device comes with a 7-year warranty.

#2 The Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200Watt  80 PLUS Gold P-S-U

If you are considering buying a power supply in the 1000W+ range, then this should be one of your preferred choices. Although this power supply sits in the sec tier of PSUs, it will provide your gaming needs with more power than you can ever ask for. With a continuous supply of up to 1050W, you can easily add numerous high-end video cards and optimize your gaming computer to its highest levels without overworking the processor to the extreme. This device comes with an 80PLUS Gold certification; therefore, you can place your bet on the fact that this device will definitely run efficiently for as long as you want.

The device comes with a 140-mm double-ball/bearing fan that runs at an incredible 1900rpm to keep your PSU cool during heavy gaming sessions. This device is also quiet, even when subjected to high pressure, and it makes use of highly durable Japanese capacitors for increased stability. The modular design of the device provides support for better cable management. This device also comes with a 7-year manufacturer warranty.

#3 The SeaSonic M12II-850w Bronze PSU

This is an exceptional unit of power supply, especially when you prefer the mid-range power needs for your computer gaming sessions. This device comes with a 70A on a 12V rail technology, as well as a modular design that makes it ideal for long term demands. This is a perfect power supply for a single or double video card system, and it remains an excellent option for those who want to run 2-way SLI or Crossfire configurations. This device will surely provide much more power than you deserve, and it comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. The device comes at much cheaper prices when compared with the first and second tier PSUs, and it can be everything you need if you are a moderate gamer.