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Most portable drives make use of the laptop-size hard drives, and these can be slightly slower even though they are transportable.  The best portable drives in the market today have special features, including special protections just in case you drop them. Prices of these new drives have fallen as you can now get a 1TB size of hard drive for less than 100$. All the hard drives reviewed here work perfectly with any PC or laptop; likewise, many of them work with Mac, but you must check for manufacturer’s information on that.  The new 2015 drives also come with USB 3.0 and are compatible with USB 2.0.

#1 The Seagate Expansion portable drive

This drive may appear basic, but it is definitely one of the best money can buy in the market today. This external drive boasts of an incredible 2TB of space for about 100$, while the 4TB variant costs about double that. This portable drive is mostly rated for share space and simplicity and can best be used in storing files that you don’t access too frequently.

#2 The Brand new Samsung M3

This external drive is one of the Amazon best-sellers because it offers one of the best values for its price. With a price starting from $25 upwards, this brand new external drive comes in different variants of 500GB to 1TB of space, and it is powered by USB 3.0 and 2.0 versions. This drive also comes with PC software that allows you to access it through a password; therefore, it is adequately protected against file theft.

#3 The Toshiba Canvio Basics

This may not be the most aesthetically appealing drive you can find in the market today, but it is incredibly cheap. For less than $60 you can have a 1TB space hard drive like Toshiba Canvio Basics, and the price is even much less with the 500GB. This external drive can compete with the likes of Samsung, but it does not come with some of the advanced features found on Samsung external drives.

#4 WD My Passport Ultra

This is one of the thinnest external drives around. It measures just 15mm in thickness but provides up to 1TB storage space, and it is powered by the USB. This device comes in varieties of colors (Blue, red, grey and black), and it comes with some of the most advanced features you can ever find on an external drive. These include hardware encryption and the WD auto back-up software. You can even use this piece of device to create a backup in your drop box. The device has an anti-chock system; however, Mac users will have to reformat the external drive. This drive comes in the 1TB and 2TB space formats.

#5 The Seagate Wireless Plus

This is one of the most expensive external drives around; however, it has some advanced features such as the ability to access your files without connecting the drive to a PC. This device is built to optimize wireless networks to share files on multiple devices.