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If you don’t want to get yourself arrested for using your smartphone when driving, then you must get yourself one of the latest Bluetooth car kits. Here are the most sought-after Bluetooth kits for cars in 2015.

Motorola Roadster Bluetooth in-car speakerphone

This Bluetooth kit will give you a handy speakerphone that can perfectly sit or clip to your car’s dashboard, thus it can be a great companion while you are travelling on long distances. With this accessory, you can make phone calls while driving without taking your eyes off the road. It also comes with an in-built FM transmitter that can turn the device into a music accessory. The device automatically turns on when you get into the car and turns off when you exit.  The device supports more than 15 hours of talk time, and it provides an audible update on your battery status.

Belkin Bluetooth Car Hands-Free Kit

This car kit is suitable for a number of reasons. First of all, it comes with an in-built microphone that reduces unwanted noises and echoes emanating when you make phone calls. The hands-free can also route sounds through the stereo system of your car, rather than through the speakerphone. This device works perfectly with navigation apps, it is easy to set up, and provides excellent sound quality. There is an extra USB charging port that helps you recharge your smartphone while you are driving. This kit is quite simple in design and it is quite affordable.

Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth In-car Speakerphone

Jabra may not be a household name, but this speakerphone is one kit you will love to have inside your car, and the reason being that it has a number of automatic features. This hands-free kit also allows the pairing of multiple devices at once, thereby making it easier to answer more than two smartphones without touching them. It is available in diverse colors and comes with echo and noise cancelling features. The battery life of this device can vary depending on its usage level, but on the average it can provide more than eight hours of service. This device can connect to two Bluetooth devices at a time and can allow you to stream music directly or use an audio GPS for direction.

The GOgroove Smart Mini BT Advanced wireless In-car Bluetooth with FM transmitter

This is definitely one of the smartest hands-free devices for your car. It has a cute design and also boasts of several controls that simplify your life. Just plug this device into the outlet of your car and the size of the device will make it very easy to use. The auto-tuning features of the device even make it more suitable while driving. There are large buttons on this device while the auto tuning effect allows you to change FM stations quickly. This device comes with a USB charging port, and the neck design helps the device to adjust to the contour of your car. This device provides a quiet sound when you receive calls and it is capable of filtering unwanted noises.